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Our Talent Solutions

Search & Scale

Dive into the realm where precision meets velocity. We're not just finding talent; we're engineering your future leadership. Ready for a seismic shift? Together, we'll propel your team to the forefront. It's where ambition drives transformation.



Leadership Search: Crafting Future-Ready Teams

At the heart of our executive search service, we empower our clients to lead the talent landscape with innovation at their core. Our mission goes beyond filling positions; we forge dynamic leadership teams poised to innovate and excel. Our strategy is deeply rooted in harmonizing values, culture, and competencies, ensuring we connect visionary talents with forward-thinking companies.

By tapping into our extensive network and leveraging our unmatched industry insights, we master the complexities of the talent market to provide bespoke search solutions. Partnering with us, you secure not just a leader but an innovator who offers a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving world.


Search Mandates Closed

  1. Chief Legal Officer | Global Investment Firm | Greece

  2. Chief Technology Officer | Global Venture Firm | UK

  3. Chief Information Security Officer | Global Investment Group | UK

  4. SVP Middle East | Global SaaS Platform | UAE

  5. Chief Marketing Officer | Regional Fintech | UAE

  6. Chief Compliance Officer | Regional Fintech | UAE

  7. Head of Sales | Regional Fintech | UAE

  8. Chief Executive Officer | Market Entry Fintech | UAE

  9. Chief Executive Officer | Market Entry Fintech | Saudi Arabia

  10. Chief Technology Officer | Market Entry Fintech | Saudi Arabia

  11. VP Product | Market Leading Payments Platform | UAE

  12. Chief Executive Officer | Global Fast Fashion eCommerce | UAE

  13. Chief Talent Officer | Global Technology Investment Firm | Cyprus 

  14. Chief Marketing Officer | Automobile Market Place | Netherlands

  15. General Manager, Europe | Automobile Market Place | Germany

  16. Chief Product Officer | BNPL/eCommerce Platform | Lebanon

  17. Chief Marketing Officer | BNPL/eCommerce Platform | UAE

  18. Global Head, HR Services | Global Technology Investment Firm | Spain

  19. General Manager, Middle East | EdTech Platform | Qatar

  20. Country Director, Saudi Arabia | AI / ML Facial Recognition | Saudi Arabia

For a more detailed discussion, please contact our Managing Partner,

David Wilkins. This is just a starting point, and David can provide

a comprehensive overview.



Strategic Team Scaling: Elevate Your Growth

When you're set to scale, you need a partner who can match your pace of growth without skipping a beat on quality. Our Scale Solutions are tailor-made for organizations ready to rapidly expand their teams with top-tier talent. We go beyond the surface to understand your specific goals, ensuring each talent addition is a strategic step towards achieving your vision.

Utilizing the latest in technology and data analytics, we offer you access to premier talent worldwide. Our service transcends mere recruitment; we're in the business of engineering synergistic teams that resonate with your brand's ethos and aspirations. By choosing us, you're not just growing in numbers; you're enhancing your organizational capabilities, culture, and competitive edge. Let's transform your scaling journey into a strategic advantage, propelling your business to unprecedented heights.


Scale Project #1

Client: Global SaaS Platform, Series D

Goal: Market Entry Expansion into the Middle East

Mandates: Comprehensive team scale-out encompassing Head of Region,

Channel Development Director, Sales Director, Government & Financial Services Account Directors, Engineering Managers, and Head of Marketing.

Overview: Successfully assembled a full regional team within the targeted timeline, ensuring a balanced mix of local expertise and alignment with the global corporate culture. Established a robust foundation for market entry and expansion in the Middle East, strategically positioning the client for immediate operational effectiveness and long-term growth.

Scale Project #2

Client: Major Regional Fintech

Goal: Market EMEA Expansion 

Mandates: Comprehensive top-down scaling, involving over 200 hires across various departments, levels, and geographical locations in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Overview: We achieved the ambitious goal of assembling a full regional team within the set timeline, focusing on a strategic blend of local talent and global corporate culture alignment. Our efforts laid a solid groundwork for the fintech's market entry and expansion in the Middle East, positioning the client for immediate operational success and sustained growth in the EMEA region.


For a more detailed discussion, references, or more Scale project examples, please contact our Partner, Dan Burton. 


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Why aphiniti: Beyond the Conventional

Executive search is often a game of familiar faces and well-trodden paths; aphiniti dares to diverge. We believe the traditional model is broken, stuck replicating past successes without fostering future innovations.


At aphiniti, we redefine the search by prioritizing a blend of functional expertise with visionary innovation. We don’t just fill roles; we forge new frontiers of leadership, connecting businesses with the pioneers capable of leading transformative change.

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