Our talent scaling services allow hyper-growth companies to build fully-comprehensive teams that will fuel their expansion across new markets.


Looking to thrive in the highly regulated markets of the Middle East? Our regulatory practice specializes in finding world-class regulatory talent to help financial services firms and fintech platforms succeed.

With extensive experience partnering with businesses, we help navigate the complex regulatory landscape to secure the top talent approved by the regulators to meet your specific needs.
Our typical mandates
Chief Risk Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Head of Operational Risk Management
Head of Financial Crime Compliance
Head of Internal Audit
Director of Regulatory Compliance
Director of Risk Management
Director of Corporate Governance
Director of Information Security and Risk Management


Looking to drive growth in the fast-paced world of financial services and fintech? Our Go-To-Market practice specializes in identifying exceptional commercial talent with the expertise needed to help you capture new market opportunities and drive revenue growth.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving regional landscape, we connect you with top-performing go-to-market talent to help your business stay ahead of the game. Our tailored solutions and specialized expertise can help you take advantage of emerging trends and achieve your strategic goals.
Our typical mandates
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Head of Institutional Sales
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Head of Business Development
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Head of Growth
Director of Sales
Head of Partnerships - Hedge Fund
Regional Executive
Director of Business Development - Trading


Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in the financial services and fintech space? Our Innovation practice specializes in finding the most talented and forward-thinking product, technology, and data professionals to help you stay at the forefront of the industry.

We understand the dynamic nature of the sector and the rapidly changing landscape, and our tailored solutions and specialized expertise help you connect with world-class talent who can turn your ideas into reality. Whether you're a cutting-edge fintech startup or a global financial institution, we have the expertise to identify the right talent to help your business thrive.
Our typical mandates
Chief Innovation Officer
Director of Product Management
Head of Innovation
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Data Officer
Head of Product Development
Director of Engineering
Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer
VP of Technology
Chief Product Officer

Equity & Capital

Our Equity & Capital practice specializes in providing top talent to help your business thrive in the competitive worlds of investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and asset management. We have a deep understanding of the capital markets, and our extensive network allows us to connect you with the best candidates in the industry, from top-tier investment banks to boutique private equity firms.  

Our tailored approach ensures we understand your specific needs, and our expert team of recruiters can identify and attract the right talent to help drive your business forward.
Our typical mandates
Chief Investment Officer
Head of Private Equity
Director of Investment Banking
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Corporate Finance
Head of Capital Markets
Vice President of Investment Management
Director of Asset Management
Managing Director
Venture Principle/Partner
+ Their teams